A Big Thank You to MLGW/TVA for Robot Showcase Event

We are so grateful for the TVA’s Charlie Spencer and the MLGW’s Board of Directors (Jerry Collins, Lynn Dabney, Ron Walters, and Alonzo Weaver) for inviting us to this great event.

Thanks to the FIRST teams that came out including:

FLL – Havenview Middle School and St. Francis of Assisi (SFA)
FRC – White Station High School (Teams 5045) and MechWarriors / Cloud901 (Team 6815)

And a big thanks to Lien Nguyen and Frank Niedzwiedz for helping out.

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Kit and Kickoff Selection and Second Event Preference opened today

Kit and Kickoff Selection and Second Event Preference opened today at noon Eastern Time. The Second Event Preference option will close on Thursday, October 19th at noon Eastern Time. Login before then to make your selections. Initial event registration is still available on the Dashboard to those who have not yet selected their first event.

The list of events, along with open slot info can be found here.

Visit the Season Calendar to find all registration open and close dates for the 2018 FIRST® POWER UPSM season.

For Memphis Teams:

I have been told that FedEx WILL be hosting a kickoff here in Memphis, although it has yet to be posted in the event management system. When I post it here when I hear registration for the event (and to do KOP pickup at the event) is opened.

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MLGW / TVA Student Robotics Showcase

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1. The Team Member Registration System is now opened for youth to register for teams. Goto your FIRST Dashboard to start the process. Need help using the registration system….see THIS DOCUMENT for coaches, parents and students.

2. FedEx will be hosing a kick off here in Memphis (stay tuned for more info on this)

3. Teams should have been notified of their first Regional by now. But according to yesterday’s blog:

Event Assignment Issues
Written by Frank Merrick

We found a bug in the software that was used today to assign teams to events. I apologize for this. Approximately 5% of teams were not assigned the correct event.

We kept the lottery numbers teams had been assigned during the first run of this process and re-ran the process with the bug corrected. We then compared the first-run results with what the results would have been if the bug had not been present.

The majority of the teams affected would have been assigned to events higher on their preference lists. A handful would have been assigned to events lower on their preference lists.

We will be making no changes to teams who would have been assigned an event lower on their preference list.

We are currently reviewing the data for teams that would have been assigned an event higher on their preference list if the bug had not been present. We intend to work to find space at the events those teams should have been assigned to and offer those slots to teams. As we expect some teams may be fine with staying at the event where they are currently assigned, we will be making no re-assignments without permission.

The re-assignment process will take time as we work through the data, find space, and offer slots to teams. We will have more information tomorrow.

I apologize again for this. We are working hard to make it right.


If your team as affected, the coaches will be notified via email….not there will be a short response time on the email so coaches check your email!

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Event Preferences – Have you entered your first round yet?

By now, I hope everyone has heard that we are moving to a preference-based system for event assignment and knows that we have an FAQ devoted to the topic.

We’ve gone through several rounds of testing on the new system, and it seems to be performing as expected. We’re currently finalizing a user’s guide which will walk you through the steps, using screenshots, of submitting your preferences. We plan to post that guide tomorrow.

Preference submission will open at Noon Eastern time this Thursday, September 21st, and close at Noon Eastern time next Thursday, September 28th. There is no advantage in event assignments to getting your preference submission in early, and you can change your preferences as often as you like, without penalty, before the deadline. But please don’t wait until the last minute to submit your preferences. As we’ve said several times, the best way to guarantee you will be on time is to plan to be early. Power outages and network interruptions happen all the time, and if they happen to you five minutes before the deadline, and you haven’t submitted yet, you will not be in a happy place.

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