Programing your bot with the Classmate….think again!


Hi all,

Yesterday I re-imaged Team 2817’s Classmate Netbook computer. The long and short of it is the new image does NOT have LabVIEW, Java or C/C++ installed and, because of a change from WinXP to Win7 I doubt there will be enough room for any of those languages on the computer.

What does this mean….you will need another computer (preferably a laptop) to act as a programming station. Remember that, even if you are not programming using LabVIEW, you will probably need to install it because many of the libraries installed with LabVIEW are used by the other languages.

I will investigate this more and have more info shortly (quick build session 2 at the latest)!

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  1. Dan Kohn says:

    If you didn’t see it, US First fixed this issue to some degree with an update to the USB Image. See Classmate dirve space recovery procedure for details.

    This was announced in TEAM UPDATE #1.

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