Quick Build Update

Hi Memphis Teams,

Hope you have inventoried your parts and sorted them for this weekends quick build session #1. If you haven’t gotten the modified KOP list for sorting see http://memphisfirstteams.org/?p=210

Please take a look at Kitbot Assembly manual. You will need to decide which basic frame your team is going to use (Wide or Narrow as defined on Page 5) BEFORE coming to the quick build sessions (the controls team will need to know this to cut the control board to the right dimensions.

Speaking of which….UofM will be supplying 3/16″ Luan Board (wood) for the control circuitry….if you want Plexiglas please bring it pre-cut to the quick build session.

Also, UofM will have on hand the Chain Break Took (for sizing the drive chain) and an arbor press (for bearing insertion) for your use and you will be shown how to use them.

Also….I just noticed that 7 new or revised documents have been placed on the KOP website. This includes one marked Classmate Drive Space Recovery Procedure so maybe their will be room for the programming software on the Classmate (will be reporting back on this shortly)

Lastly, We will NOT be providing lunch for the teams. Some teams have asked if they can stay a little longer (clean up is scheduled for 12:30) and the answer is yes (as long as proper adult / teacher / UofM Faculty supervision is present), but there will be no food provided.

Again any questions on the Quick Build Session, please email me and let me know.

See you Saturday!

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2 Responses to Quick Build Update

  1. Dan Kohn says:

    The doc mentioned above states:

    This document describes the steps for recovering the unused 5GB of hard drive space available on the 2010 and 2011 Classmate PC after imaging with the “2011 Image for ’10 Classmate” or “2011 Image for ’11 Classmate” restoration keys distributed at Kickoff.

    Will try it shortly and report back……

  2. Dan Kohn says:

    The “fix” does as advertised, I now have 6.82GB free after the image instead of less than 1GB! Great job on the fix.

    Tried to install LabVIEW (only software I have with me at the moment) but no luck. It doesn’t like my USB DVD Drive for some reason?

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