Jada’s “Welcome to a new season” letter to FRC Teams

Greetings everyone,

Another Robotics year is upon us and I am excited about this season, because our high school robotics students not only have an opportunity to
build a robot for themselves, but also mentor the younger students in Elementary and Middle through our new Lego Robotics program. The summer was
fantastic with the Robotics Camp and the addition of a new team Manassas, is going to add to the wealth of talent and knowledge that we already have.
Of course, we have to know the bad along with the good, and the bad is that we lost some teams, but I am not certain which ones, I am hoping that we
have all of our teams returning, but I won’t know until our first meeting. I am hoping that the teams that lost coaches, would be able to keep the
team and just have a new coach or two to keep the team going.

Please begin now recruiting students for your Robotics teams and also begin seeking out mentors and volunteers to help with the team. I am hoping this
year we can attend two competitions, one in Knoxville and another one. We can decide on the second one as a team. Also, keep your eye on the NASA
website, for news regarding their grant to help support your team. Also, ask local businesses and school partners, to help support your team. Even
$100.00 can help. Especially for food expenses when you are meeting after school.

We have a new Senior Mentor, Tim Rich, who will be helping recruit sponsorships and other teams. He works along side LJ. It is great to have
another hand in the Robotics Flower bed. We are growing sooooo fast and it looks great.

Our meeting will be held, Thursday, September 15 from 4:00- 5:00 p.m. at the Teaching and Learning Academy. We will meet in Rm # L11.

See you,


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