First Hint for 2012 Game

From Bill’s Blog Dec 2, 2011:

FRC Game Hint #1
Good Morning Teams,

Rockwell Automation has again agreed to generously donate components we need for the 2012 FRC season. Check it out. You may find it very interesting.

Editors Notes:

As usual, I don’t think you can figure out the game from this hint. It does has some interesting items, that I think will be used to construct the field (RSLogix is software for a PLC – “Programmable logic controller” used in industry, so is PanelVIEW), and with all those lights I think the field will have a bunch of flashing and changing lights. 2500 LED’s will also add to the light show. Of course they are just speculations on my part.

If you have any ideas (or read something interesting on ChiefDelphi or other FRC Blog, add it to the comments) Just sign up for a log in and share your thought.

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