Kit & Kickoff Section in TIMS Opens


Kit and Kickoff Section in TIMS Opens Today, 10/4/12 @ 12 pm (noon) EST: The Kit & Kickoff section in TIMS opens today: *Please find additional information about choosing your Kit & Kickoff preferences at the bottom of this email.

Second District Event Registration: Second district event registration opens Thursday, 10/11/12 at 12 pm EST in TIMS: At this time, district teams will be able to register for their second district event.

FIRST Championship Registration for Pre-Qualified Teams: Championship registration for pre-qualified teams opens Thursday, 10/11/12 at 12 pm EST in TIMS: For information on Championship eligibility, please visit:

Announcing 2013 FIRST Scholarship Opportunities valued at over $14 million: Find out more about the 2013 college scholarship opportunities for FIRST students at:

2013 Mentor Certificate of Appreciation: Please be sure to invite all of your FRC mentors to your team’s TIMS record so they can receive their 2013 recognition certificate and pin in January during National Mentor Month. In order for team mentors to receive their recognition items, they must be registered as a mentor in TIMS by Friday, 12/14/12. An additional benefit of adding mentors in TIMS is that they are able to opt-in to the FRC email blast.

Important Motor Controller Information: Please visit the FRC Blog for information regarding motor controllers here:

*“Kit and Kickoff Preferences” (in TIMS) is where you indicate how your team wants to pickup/receive the Kit of Parts (KoP) and where/if your team plans to attend Kickoff. Please note the following before making your selections:

Picking up your KoP at a Kickoff will save your team shipping costs;
If your team chooses not to attend any Kickoff, the KoP will be shipped to your Shipping Contact and your team will be responsible for the shipping costs. Teams that choose to have their KoP shipped can expect to receive it sometime during the week after Kickoff. International teams should be aware that delivery date will depend on customs clearance;
Your team may attend more than one Kickoff. For example, you can send members to the Kickoff in Manchester, NH, while others can attend a Kickoff in your area. However, you must indicate only one Kickoff for KoP pickup.

Surrogate Kit Pickup Option:

If your team is unable to pick up its KoP at a Kickoff, and you do not wish to incur shipping charges to have it mailed, an alternate team may pick up your KoP at a Kickoff. You must provide FIRST with an authorization letter, signed by the main contact, on school or sponsor letterhead in order for us to release the kit. You can find a template for this letter here:

Fax the letter to Team Support at 603-666-3907 no later than 5:00 pm EST on 12/31/12 or send a hard copy to FIRST, Attn: Team Support, 200 Bedford Street, Manchester, NH 03101. The letter must include the following:

1.) Your Team Number and the Kickoff pick up location;
2.) The name and team number of the representative picking up the KoP;
3.) Provide a copy of the Surrogate Kit Pickup letter to the team representative picking up the KoP for your team. This representative must bring the letter to the appropriate Kickoff.

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