More Important Info

Tonight’s Behind the Lines episode features FIRST and AndyMark Staff talking about the Kit of Parts. Visit the Behind the Lines website for more information on the upcoming broadcasts.

Replacement Parts Requests: If your team has determined that you are missing parts, or need replacement parts, you must use the FIRST “Replacement Parts Request” system to order replacements. Replacement parts requests must be submitted by tomorrow, Friday, 1/9 at 12 pm (noon) EST.

To submit a replacement parts request, Main or Alternate Contacts must:

  • Login to TIMS;
  • On the right side of the Team Summary page, click on the link to “Submit a Replacement Parts Request HERE”;
  • Follow instructions to complete a Replacement Parts Request.

FIRST Choice Round 2 Priority Lists: Please submit your FIRST Choice round 2 priority lists by tomorrow, Friday, 1/9 at 12 pm (noon) EST. More information regarding round 2 can be found in the FRC Blog:

Championship Waitlist: Veteran teams who did not compete at the 2014 FIRST Championship can join the 2015 FIRST Championship waitlist at this time. To do so, your team’s Main or Alternate Contact must login to TIMS, click on the “Team Summary” button and select the “Edit/View” button in the Event Registration section. We’re going to be hosting 600 teams at the Championship this year, and many teams will be selected from the waitlist. Make sure to sign up if you’re interested! [Note from Jada: This could be a second regional for some of the teams.]

Team Profile Information in TIMS: Team profile information is used for program books that are distributed to visitors, VIPs and teams at events. This information will be exported from your team’s TIMS profile tomorrow, Friday, 1/9 at 12:00 pm (noon) EST. To update your team’s information, your team’s Main or Alternate Contact must:

  • Login to TIMS
  • Under “Teams I can Administer”, click the Team Summary button for your team;
  • In the Team Profile section, click on the edit/view buttons to update team information.

Also, please be sure to update your information in the “Judge’s Info” section which is located on the Team Summary page in TIMS. The information listed here will be put into a Team Yearbook for the Judges to review at your event(s). The Judges will be reading this information in order to get to know your team better! Judges’ information will be exported from TIMS on Thursday, 2/19/15.

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