Please Support the Mech-Warriors / Cloud 901 Community Team

Memphis Mech-Warriors is the first ever community robotics team that works out of Cloud 901 at the Memphis Public Library. We are open to all high school aged students interested in being on a robotics team.

This year, the team is competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition, STEAMWorks. To compete takes money!

It is not just robots, it is a lesson in humility, hard work and collaboration. A roadmap that leads straight to engineering. Breaking down cultural barriers.

A machine to build the people that will change the world.

We just have $5,000 left to raise for robot parts ($2000) and travel expenses ($3000). To help out go to our GoFundMe website.

Regional Competitions:
Rock City Regional – Little Rock, AR
Midwest Regional – Chicago, IL

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