​BUC E-Day

The event will be on Saturday March 25th from 9am-3pm
The main competitions are:

Balsa Tower, Egg Drop
K’NEX Bridge
CO2 Car

Please follow this link www.cbu.edu/buc-e-day to find out more information on the rules and criteria for the competitions.

There will also be workshops including:

IBM Watson/Blue Mix Cognitative Computing
Electric Motors
Concrete Design, and more

There is NO entry fee to participate this year!
Lunch wristbands will be available for $3 per person.

Please sign up today: https://luna.cbu.edu/webforms/machform/view.php?id=91517

If you think that your school or group’s interest would benefit from having a speaker come give a more detailed presentation please contact me, Nick Drane, by emailing ndrane@cbu.edu.

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