Event Preferences – Have you entered your first round yet?

By now, I hope everyone has heard that we are moving to a preference-based system for event assignment and knows that we have an FAQ devoted to the topic.

We’ve gone through several rounds of testing on the new system, and it seems to be performing as expected. We’re currently finalizing a user’s guide which will walk you through the steps, using screenshots, of submitting your preferences. We plan to post that guide tomorrow.

Preference submission will open at Noon Eastern time this Thursday, September 21st, and close at Noon Eastern time next Thursday, September 28th. There is no advantage in event assignments to getting your preference submission in early, and you can change your preferences as often as you like, without penalty, before the deadline. But please don’t wait until the last minute to submit your preferences. As we’ve said several times, the best way to guarantee you will be on time is to plan to be early. Power outages and network interruptions happen all the time, and if they happen to you five minutes before the deadline, and you haven’t submitted yet, you will not be in a happy place.

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