MLGW/TVA robotics showcase

The MLGW/TVA robotics showcase will be on Monday October 1 with opening remarks at 9 am CDT.

Schools should arrive no later than 8 am.

Sets ups prior to Monday can be either on the previous Friday afternoon or Sunday.

We would like to have examples of as many different robotics activities that are going on in the greater Memphis area. This would include FLL, FTC, FRC, VEX IQ, VEX EDR, BEST, Medtronic, and Stephanie’s summer group.

We will need to limit teams to no more than two per type of robotics and 3 or 4 students to keep the total number manageable.

Arrangements can be made for transportation and or substitute teacher costs that might be incurred.

Please let us ( know if you will be able to have your team(s) attend.

This is a significant event for Memphis as it raises awareness of robotics activities and increases the likelihood of encouraging volunteers for your program.

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