5th Annual Battle for the Bluegrass FRC Invitational Announcement

Your team is invited to the 2018 Southern Kentucky Battle for the Bluegrass Robotics Invitational sponsored by Berea College GEAR UP.

The Battle for the Bluegrass (BftB) is a FIRST Robotics Competition invitational off-season event. This year FRC Team 3844 will host teams from multiple states to reprise the previous season’s FRC game. This is going to be an extra special year for FRC growth potential in Eastern Kentucky. Berea College GEAR UP is partnering with us to sponsor six or so Eastern Kentucky pre-rookie teams for this event. The plan as it stands is for GEAR UP to finance the registration, travel, and meals for the pre-rookie teams to come to the 2018 BftB at Lynn Camp H.S. Several of the attending veteran teams have already pledged their Beta-Bot and mentor help with the pre-rookie teams so that they can compete on Saturday. We will spend Friday afternoon training the newbies on robot control, pit work and basic gameplay. This will be the shortest team formation to competition day ever! We still need a few veteran teams to pledge their beta-bot and mentor support for Friday and Saturday.

Teams already committed to pre-rookie mentoring and beta-bot loan.

Team 2614 – Mountaineer Area Robotics (MARS) Morgantown, WV

Team 5022 – Rat Rod Robotics Jonesborough, TN

Team 323 – Lights Out Mountain Home, AR

Team 5492 – Winner’s Circle Robo Jockeys Louisville, KY

We are also asking that every team provide at least 1 adult for field management on Saturday and time permitting on a busy Saturday have a group prepared to present on one aspect of running a high power STEM program.

In order to make the event financially more affordable for the teams we are offering space at the school for lodging, just bring your sleeping bags. Lock-in at the school Friday night only
We will have two separate spaces for the teams (one for male team members and another for the female members) shower areas are available in gym locker rooms.

As teams register, we will get hotel info out for those who do not want to use the free lodging lock-in at the school.

We will have several Food trucks on site for lunch on Saturday

Still working on breakfast details

Lynn Camp High School Robotics Team 3844
100 N Kentucky 830,
Corbin, KY 40701

Saturday, November,3rd 2018

Load-in 3:00 PM (Friday)
Open Practice Matches (Depending on Field Status and FTA) 6:00 PM-Midnight (Friday)
Practice may be in a secondary area with field carpet, but sans Field Elements
Pits open 7:00 AM
Matches start 8:30 AM
Lunch at 12:00 PM
Finals at 1:00 PM
Award Ceremony at 5:30 PM

REGISTRATION: Teams not providing Beta-bot and support for pre-rookies
$300 for Pre-Pay by check or P.O. (mailing address above)
$350 check, cash, P.O. on competition day

REGISTRATION: Teams providing Beta-bot and support for pre-rookies
$200 for Pre-Pay by check or P.O. (mailing address above)
$250 check, cash, P.O. on competition day

RSVP through email to Arthur_canada@berea.edu and cc acanada@firstinspires.org by 10/23/2018
Finals: The top eight teams will select their alliance mates in a reverse draft. Any unpicked team is open for selection just like any in-season regional.

Trophies: Awards for the winning alliance.

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