Collierville to Host Scrimmage

Dragons Robotics FRC Team 5002 from Collierville High School is inviting your team to a scrimmage/practice day at Collierville High School on Saturday, Feb 16 from approximately 10 am until 4:00 pm.

We have built a full rocket, hab 3 platform, a half hab 1, and a loading station.  To make a half field for a scrimmage we still need:

  • one full cargo ship
  • One additional rocket 
  • two level 2 hab units
  • 1 half hab 1 platform

If you have any of the elements you are willing to provide, please email us with the specific items you are going to to be able to provide.  

If we are unable to borrow any of the elements, we will do our best to build them, but we may have some missing elements. We set set up on Friday night (15th) and we could likely arrange transportation of the elements if that would help.

If you have questions or you wish to RSVP, please email Dragon Robotics at

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