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Did you notice?

In the Kick off video did you notice these two images: Both these were actually part of the games for Ultimate Ascent and Stronghold (2013 and 2016 respectively). Both had end games that involved climbing like this year. If you … Continue reading

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Installing Eclipse Error

If you are trying to unzip Eclipse and it gives you Error 0x80010135, try downloading WinRaR and unzipping using that program. It solved the issue for me.

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Non Encrypted Files Are Available

Tired of typing pLaY&4%R3aL! to see stuff…go back to the FIRST POWER UP Game & Season Materials webpage and re-download the manuals and docs….they are now in an unencrypted files.

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For Rookies

Not sure how to get the control system wired up…..see Not sure how to build the robot drive train…see For everything else (Netbook setup, Radio, software, driver station, roborio etc etc) see Getting Started With the Control System

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Watch “2018 FIRST Robotics Competition – FIRST POWER UP Game Animation” on YouTube

The Game Video and the full field tour are available HERE

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