Now What? – Week 1

Now the kickoff is over, here is a summary of what teams should be doing this week:

1) Inventory your Kit of Parts(KOP) The inventory lists are available (HERE). You have until Friday Jan 9, 2015 to report anything that is missing from the crates. To report missing or damaged items follow the procedure laid out HERE.

2) Decide on your robot base design. You can see the wide and long basic robot base configurations in the AM14U2 Users Guide (which is really the build instructions used for quick build). For rookie and 2nd year teams, it is recommended that you stick to one of these bases. Veteran teams, there is noting in the rules that state you have to use one of these designs (but make sure what you do design IS legal according to this years rules)!

For rookie and 2nd year teams, you will be coming to UofM next weekend for the Mechanical quick build. Please email with how many people are attending and what base you are going to build.

For Veteran teams…sorry we are unable to do a mechanical build for you this year, but if you want to send the base pieces to be cut, send them with your control system build team (pre-marked with a sharpie).

For Veteran teams who are doing their own mechanical quick build the instructions are HERE.

There are also videos available:

Wide Drive Base Assembly

Long Drive Base Assembly

Toughbox Mini Gearbox Assembly

Wheel Assembly

(there is a square base variation for the robot base, but it requires buying new belts and will delay your team getting started, so it is not recommended)

3) Image your netbook. For rookie teams, you received a USB thumbdrive in your KOP. Instructions can be found HERE. If you are not sure which netbook you have, check under the battery for a sticker that will identify the model. Make sure you read and do the section marked UPDATE (VERY IMPORTANT)

For Veteran Teams: First backup any files you care about then follow the instructions are HERE. You will need a LARGE USB Thumbdrive (8GB or higher) that will be ERASED DURING THE PROCESS.

It is recommended that you program on something other than the netbook issued. You can install the programming software using the instructions found HERE. Note you do NOT have to install all the languages, just the one(s) you wish to use, but you do have to install the FRC 2015 Update no mater what language(s) you use.

4) Get your tools together. See the tools list HERE for the tools required for the control system build. Add to that a power drill and bits, a SMALL Adjustable wrench and/or wrench set and a small Flathead and small Philips screw driver. For the base build see the AM14U2 Users Guide for the MINIMUM tool list. I would suggest that you follow Recommended Tools for AM14U2 Assembly_Rev2 instead if you want to assemble the base as quickly as possible.

5) For Quick Build, it is best to sort your parts by function (Base, Mechanical Components (including the motors) and electrical).

The Base Kit should be inventoried, but kept together for the mechanical quick build. You will need to find the 2 CIM motors in the yellow tote and put them with the base kit…they are needed for the gearbox assembly.

As for the Control system components, see the list HERE.

6) RSVP for Quick Build. Please email by Jan 7, 2015 with the following information: Team Name, Team Number, Number of students attending, Number of Mentors and Coaches attending.

Please remember the Mechanical Quick Build is for Rookie and 2nd year teams ONLY! Please send only your MECHANICAL BUILD TEAM to this session! Again, we do NOT have enough room for veteran teams (sorry), but if you bring the pieces you wish to have cut (see above) we will do that for teams that do not have metal cutting equipment at their schools.

Since we have a new control system for 2015, ALL TEAMS are invited to the Control System Quick Build, but please limit your team to 3 student members (we suggest two electrical people and one software person).

7) Come to Quick Build – see THIS WEBPAGE for details.

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