Quick Build 2014


Memphis FRC

Quick Build 2014

[Last Change: 1/9/2014 10:10am – KOP Sorting added]

When: Sat Jan 11, 2014 (RSVP by Jan 7)

Time: Registration starts at 8:30am

Location: University of Memphis, Herff College of Engineering, Engineering Technology Building

Who: Due to limited space, only INVITED teams may attend. Team coaches please check your email for an invitation sent on 12/27.

[If you cannot attend Quick Build videos and all the instructions to conduct your own Quick Build can be found HERE]


Parking: Teams are asked to park in LOT 45 (Shown above) off of Zach Curlin Street. The gate will either be open or someone will be there to open it for you.

Release Forms: Each team is REQUIRED to turn in a team roster and copies of a signed FRC Consent and Release Forms for each participant. These will be turned in when the team checks in at the event.

Goals of the quick build session:

  • Every team to complete a basic robot base (frame and drive system)
  • Every team to have an updated driver / programming station
  • Every team to have basic code loaded to the control system
  • Every team should have a running robot base by the conclusion


  • Every team will bring their Kit of Parts with them to the build sessions (pre sorted)
  • Every team is REQUIRED to have netbook and/or laptop computer (with 2014 image (Netbook only, Win XP or 7 for laptops), LabVIEW and Driver Station installed – this will be done for teams if computer, power supply, LabVIEW DVD and image thumbdrive (if provided in the KOP) are left at UofM at kickoff, otherwise it will be the team’s responsibility to perform these tasks.
  • Non-Rookie Teams will have the parts from last year’s robot not included in their Kit of Parts with them as well (mostly control system components)
  • Tool Kit for each team
  • Safety glasses for all participants in the building of transmission, robot frame and electronics control board
  • Gloves for those building the robot frame
  • Release forms for all participants (under 18 years of age will need parent signature)
  • Please RSVP via Email to dekohn@memphis.edu by Jan 7, 2014 indicating your Team number, Team Name, School, Contact Person (Teacher) and Number of students and adults (coaches and mentors) attending event. Please include any special dietary needs of your students or mentors. Please be accurate on the count since the food order will be based on the numbers provided.

Schedule (Tentative):

  • 8:30 Registration
  • 9:00 Welcome
  • 9:15 Break into teams
  • 9:30 – 11:30 Build
  • 11:30 – 12:30 Lunch
  • 12:30-2:30 Build
  • 2:30-3:30 Testing
  • 3:30-4:00 Clean Up

Teams will be broken up into Build, Control and Programming Teams. The Build Team will be responsible for building the robot frame and drive train (gear boxes and wheels). The Control Team will be doing the electrical wiring. The programmers will be doing the “radio”, camera, cRIO configuration and driver station configuration as well as creating the base code for testing. Please decide who will be doing what BEFORE coming to the Quick Build.

Tools: Each team is required to bring their own tools to the quick build session. The following is the MINIMUM tools required:

Frame Building Team

– 3/16” allen wrenches (2), preferably a T-handle, screwdriver type, or loop/wire handle for fast turning
– Cordless drill w/ 3/16” allen wrench bit is a plus
– 7/16” combination wrench
– Pliers
– Hammer
– Tape measure
– Marking pencil/pen/marker/masking tape
– Flat head and Phillips screwdrivers
– 5/32” allen wrench
– 5/16” socket
– 9/16” socket (2) (deep well are a plus)
– 3/8” socket
– 1/2” crescent wrench
– Hack Saw
– metal file
– Safety Glasses and Gloves for every student

Control System Team

– Wire strippers
– Wire cutters
– Wire crimpers – a good set with handles at least 7” long
– Phillips screwdriver ( #2)
– Flat Screwdriver
– Wago flat screwdriver
– Digital Multimeter
– 3/8” combination wrench
– 10mm combination wrench
– Tape measure
– 7/16” combination wrench
– Cordless drill small drill be set up to 3/8”
– Safety Glasses and Gloves for every student

Programming Team

– Laptop computer loaded with LabVIEW and Driver Station Software (would be better if you have one PER programmer)
– Joystick(s) that will be used by the team
– USB Thumb Drive to back up code

Kit of Parts (KOP): Each team is required to bring all the parts included in the 2014 ROOKIE TEAM KIT. The full KOP should be pre-sorted into kits for the Mechanical, Programming and Control System.

Please sort as noted in the following documents:
AndyMark Drive Base Kit (AM14U)
Green Tote
Black Tote

Vetran teams also need to bring the following items:
– Driver Station (Netbook, joysticks (2x)) with 2013 image, LabVIEW, and all Updates (LabVIEW, Utilities and Driver Station) installed!
– cRIO with all the modules
– camera (with power cord)
– old radio power cord
– old 27pin cable (cRIO to Digital Side Car Cable)
– at least 2 Jaguar Motor Controllers
– one charged battery

Due to limited time we CANNOT wait while a team tracks down a part so it is critical that the kits are pre-sorted and you bring all the parts that are in the ROOKIE KOP.

Those non-rookie teams will need to pull the items not included in their KOP from their previous robots and kits and are required to bring your driver station.

Safety: Please go over the safety guidelines in section 4.2 of the FRC Manual and the FRC Safety Manual with your teams before attending the quick build sessions. These points will be reinforced at the opening session of the quick build, but items like clothing to wear, safety glasses and the prohibition on wearing jewelry need to be known by students ahead of time.

Lunch: Will be provided. Please include any dietary restrictions when you RSVP.

Documentation for Quick Build:

Any questions: Please contact Prof Daniel Kohn at dekohn@memphis.edu