FRC Events Page

Quick Build will be in two sessions this year. Session one will be for 1st and 2nd year teams to assist in building the basic robot base. Session two (opened to 3 team members per team) is to assist ALL teams in constructing and setting up the NEW control system.

Base Build Help is for teams who still need help completing the basic robot base.

FLL West TN Championship is an opportunity to help spread the word about FIRST by volunteering to help with the event or demonstrate your team’s robot from last season. (Great if your are pursuing the Chairman’s Award)

By the Mechanical Build Day, your team should have a model, prototype and/or drawings of the apparatus you want to build to play the game. The purpose of this day to to help you get started making your design a reality. (the plan is to have materials on hand similar to those used during the summer camp – ie EMT, 80/20, Aluminum Bar, etc)

The Day of Code is to help your programmers make the mechanical design come to life by creating the code necessary to control your designs.

Engineers Week is another opportunity to spread the word about First. If your team would like to participate in an Engineer’s Week Event, contact Daniel Kohn ( If the rules remain the same as last year, teams are allowed to unbag their robots for demonstration purposes.

National Robotics Week – help celebrate robotics week with a public demo or a program for you school! Just one more chance to spread the word about FIRST!