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Engineering Educational Resources for Schools K-12

Prepared by Yuri Quintana – November 5, 2012 [edited by Dan Kohn – Jan 26, 2014, Last updated Mar 17, 2016]

Connected Science Learning – Online STEM Journal who’s goal is to link in school and out of school STEM Learning.

Informal Science – The database contains project, research and evaluation resources designed to support the informal STEM education community in a variety of learning environments.

National Science Teachers Association

Hour of Code – A wonderful website to get kids into programming.

DiscoverE (formerly the National Engineers Week Foundation) – home to multiple competitions and events centered around hands on STEM Learning.

Computer Science Education Week – “The Hour of Code” to help introduce students to programming and computer science.

University of Memphis Library Robots & Robotics Research Page – A robotics guide put together by the University of Memphis Library Services.

IEEE – is a collaborative project between faculty, students and teachers associated with five universities and the American Society for Engineering Education, with NSF National Science Digital Library funding. is a searchable, web-based digital library collection populated with standards-based engineering curricula for use by K-12 teachers and engineering faculty to make applied science and math (engineering) come alive in K-12 settings.

IEEE Try Nano is a resource for anyone interested in learning about Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology are technical fields that focus on matter at the nanoscale – dimensions that are roughly 1 to 100 nanometers (1nm = 10^-9m).

The term Nanoscience often refers to research that discovers and characterizes new behaviors and properties of materials at the nanoscale. Nanotechnology describes how discoveries at the nanoscale are put to work, especially by controlling the behavior of matter and building
useful devices. Some of these devices have demonstrated applications in medicine, electronics, robotics, and energy production.

IEEE TryComputing IEEE has launched a new, online pre-university computing education portal to raise awareness of and spark student interest in computing and associated careers. IEEE is designed to make computing education resources available for pre-university teachers, school counselors, parents, and students all over the world.

Black Girls Can Code A organization who’s vision is to increase the number of women of color in the digital space by empowering girls of color ages 7 to 17 to become innovators in STEM fields, leaders in their communities, and builders of their own futures through exposure to computer science and technology.

Engineering Pathway! – high-quality teaching and learning resources in applied science and math, engineering, computer science/information technology, and engineering technology for use by K-12 and university educators and students.

Taking Science to School: Learning and Teaching Science in Grades K-8

Mid-South STEM Alliance – Links to events and resources

IEEE Memphis

National Engineers Week – Educational Engineering Resources available online at

US FIRST Robotics Programs for Youth

Memphis FIRST Robotic Teams

Lego Robotics League (elementary schools)

First Lego Robotics League Memphis – FIRST LEGO League competition or attending the workshop, please contact Frank A. Niedzwiedz Jr. PE at (901)634-0740 or visit the Facebook page or the Memphis FLL Webpage

Lego Mindstorms Robotic Kits

Programming Challenge (University of Memphis Computer Science Department) This yearly event challenges High School students to solve various programming challenges. (usually held around the end of the spring semester – see website for more info)

The Imagine Cup (Microsoft)

National Academy of Engineering Challenges

National Institute for Women in Trades, Technology and Science

STEM Education Coalition – News and info on STEM education and public policy.

Tennessee Valley Authority, TVA Kids Website. Learn about energy, protecting the environment and “running the river.”

Engineering Educational Resources for Schools K-12

The History Channel Presents Engineering an Empire
Modern Marvels – Walt Disney World (History Channel)
PBS: Nicolas Tesla
National Geographic: Engineering the Impossible
NatGeo: Mega Structures
Modern Marvels: Empire State Building
Modern Marvels: Golden Gate Bridge
PBS: Nova – X-Planes
PBS: Nova – Panama Canal
Discovery Channel: Engineering Thrills
Discovery Channel: Extreme Engineering
American Experience: The Wright Brothers
PBS: Cyberchase

Janice VanCleave’s Engineering for Every Kid: Easy Activities That Make Learning Science Fun
I Want to Be an Engineer by Catherine O’Neill Grace
Thomas Edison for Kids: His Life and Ideas, 21 Activities
A Picture Book of Thomas Alva Edison by David A. Adler,
Science for Kids: 39 Easy Engineering Experiments [Paperback]
Robert W. Wood (Author)
African American Inventors (Black Stars)
Hispanic Scientists: (Capstone Short Biographies) by St. John and Jetty
The Art of Construction: Projects and Principles for Beginning Engineers & Architects By Mario Salvadori (Author)
Bridges: A History of the World’s Most Famous and Important Spans
Skyscrapers by Philip Johnson
Paper Engineering for Pop-Up Books and Cards by Mark Hiner
The Great Bridge-Building Contest by Bo Zaunders and Roxie Munro

NASA – Interactive Multimedia