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NI FIRST Robotics Community

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WPI (Control System Hardware, Java, C/C++)

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The Blue Alliance (Great website to get videos from previous years robots and matches)

Chief Delphi (Forums about FRC and all US First Competitions)

FRC Blog (News direct from the Director of FRC at FIRST)

Behind The Lines (Live and Recorded Video Seminars for FRC Teams)

2020 Safety Manual

Teams Helping Teams

Team 358 Robotic Eagles Great site, I often refer to this team’s site for the control system how-to’s, especially programming LabVIEW.

Team 3255 SuperNurds created a great tutorial for Java Programming (note it downloads a large PDF file, but well worth it) (seems to be dead as of 1/3/2020…hope they bring it back)

Historical Manuals

Competition Manuals (From 2002 – present)
Game Descriptions (6 page summary 1992-2012)


For help designing circuit boards, Altium has donated their Designer Software

GitHub is offering free software hosting and collaboration tools for FRC Teams. Teams can request a free Silver Organization account from the GitHub Education page.

CAD Software (open the PDF for instructions):

PTC – Kit of Parts and Field (not working)

Autodesk – Kit of Parts and Field (can’t find 2019 KOP or Field – 2016 – 17 available)

SolidWorks – Kit of Parts and Field (can’t find KOP or field)

Analyze data with Tableau Professional. Use the code in TIMS for five copies per team.

GrabCAD Workbench is an easy web-based tool for managing and sharing CAD files of all types. Workbench is available to all FIRST teams at no charge. Sign up for a free trial then email Tell them the email address you registered with and how many seats you need.

Mathematica and SystemModeler are excellent tools to model and analyze physical systems. Opportunities are available to obtain complimentary licenses for FIRST teams. Contact Carol Cronin at to learn more about FIRST programs from Wolfram Research.

Use your Team’s code found in TIMS to get access to the vision tool RoboRealm!

WPI, in conjunction with the Open Source Robotics Foundation, has developed a free and open-source 3-D simulation environment available to all teams using C++ and Java. The FRCsim package is built on top of the Gazebo robotics simulator that has matured under DARPA funding. Using FRCSim, teams can develop and deploy C++ or Java WPILib robot programs to a set of provided robot models that run in a virtual environment with the click of one button. FRCsim can be used for testing code and gameplay. The simulated robots have a variety of actuators and sensors (including virtual cameras and most of the existing KOP sensors). The 2015 playing field and game pieces will be available soon, as well as additional sample robots based on the 2015 competition. To run the simulator, teams must have a machine running Ubuntu Linux. One-line installation instructions are provided by WPI here. We are working towards offering a Windows version of the simulation and the ability to import and program your own robot models for next year.



Local Suppliers


Robot Builder’s Bonanza (a good book on the basics of mobile robotics but not specifically written for FRC)

FIRST Robots: Aim High

FIRST Robots: Rack ‘N’ Roll: Behind the Design (FIRST Robots: Behind the Design)

The New Cool: A Visionary Teacher, His FIRST Robotics Team, and the Ultimate Battle of Smarts (Great for Coaches!)