First Robotic Competition Local Opportunities:

Become a Sponsor companies and individuals can help FRC by sponsoring an event (Kick Off, Quick Build, Training or Summer Camp – though the University of Memphis) or sponsor any of the 14 teams in the Memphis Area. Contact memphisfirstteams@gmail.com if you are interested in sponsoring FRC in Memphis.

Team mentors support team learning and success throughout an entire season. This is probably the most rewarding volunteer duty, but it’s also a big commitment. Please email us at memphisfirstteams@gmail.com and we will help you find a team in your area to help.

Volunteer at an Event

Although Memphis does not have an FRC event, We do host a number of events that need volunteers:

The University of Memphis hosts a Kick Off event for the FRC Season. During this event we need volunteers to help out with the following:

  • Registration Desk – to check teams in
  • Kit of parts distribution – we need help organizing, inventorying and then distributing the Kit of Parts to Teams

We also host a Quick Build that helps rookie teams build their robot base and basic control system. We need volunteers to help with:

  • Registration Desk – to check teams
  • Mechanical Build – Volunteers are needed to assist teams building gear boxes, basic frames and drive trains. If you are mechanically inclined, can cut metal or just good with tools we could use your help!
  • Electrical Build – If you can follow a wiring diagram you can help a team build the control system.
  • Computer / Networking – Teams will need help setting up their “Radio” (ie wireless router) as well as installing software. If you are an IT person teams need your help

We also have special days to help teams with Mechanical Builds, Programming Days and other activities (see the FRC Website for upcoming activities and News).

A special request for COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS who know C/C++, Java or LabVIEW. Teams uses these languages to program their robots, but many schools do not have programming classes. If you would like to help teams learn programing please contact us at memphisfirstteams@gmail.com and we will match you with a team that needs your help.

Lastly, you can volunteer at an FRC Competition. Memphis teams go to competitions in Knoxville, TN, Sercy, AK and New Orleans, LA

To sign up as an event volunteer, please go to the Volunteer Information and Matching System and click on the “Create FIRST Account”. After you have created an account, click on “Volunteer Role Applications” in the menu and the left hand side and click on the “Apply for an Event” button. Select FRC and the state in which you wish to volunteer and click on the “Find Event” Button. Select the event at which you wish to volunteer and then pick the roles you are interested in.